Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating

Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is both efficient and flexible, making it one of the best ways to heat your home. Ducted heating is capable of providing your entire family with warmth and comfort throughout all the chilly evenings. And, the design of a ducted gas heating system is simple.

How It Works

With a ducted gas heater, cold air is drawn in through the return air grilles. This air is taken directly into the heater where it is passed through the heat exchange, warming the air up via gas combustion. Next, the warm air is pushed out into your insulated ducts by quiet fans. The duct system inconspicuously takes the warm air around your home and into each room. The vents that allow the warm air to enter into a room are placed unobtrusively either in the floor or ceiling, depending on the construction of your home.

Meanwhile, if you find things getting too warm, you can adjust the temperature via the thermostat that will be placed in your home’s main living area for easy accessibility anytime of day or night. The thermostat will automatically monitor the temperature of the room and act as a sensor for the heating system. You’ll be able to set a desired temperature and, when your home drops below it, the heating system will come on by itself. Likewise, if the temperature exceeds your desired setting, the heating system will shut itself off until it is needed again.

Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating?

Gas Ducted Heating systems are safe and quiet. All by-products of the combustion process used to heat the air are safely pushed outside through your home’s flue. Another unique feature of ducted heating systems is that you are able to heat each room of your home equally and consistently for a whole house atmosphere suited to your preference. However, if you’d prefer one room to be slightly warmer or cooler, the adjustable thermostat will enable you to set different temperature preferences for different rooms in your home.

This diversified setting also enables you to save on your heating bill since it means you can keep less used areas of your home cooler. You can also base it on time of day, heating bedrooms at night and the living room while everyone is awake. It’s these features that add to the efficiency of this heating system. In fact, zoning is able to save you up to $200 a year while a whole system could save you up to $300 a year in operating costs compared to gas space heaters.

Gas Ducted heating is the most affordable and most cost-efficient method on the market. And, it’s also environmentally friendly since it uses natural gas instead of coal-powdered electricity. According to the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions completed by the Australian Gas Association in 2000, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by this heating method are just ⅓ of that produced by coal generated, electricity-powdered heating.

Have Any Questions?

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